Owners Corporation Management

APM Owners Corporation Management provides clients with knowledge and experience in providing sound advice within the industry.  We service our clients in a professional and friendly manner with a focus on meeting the client’s objectives and needs at all times.

The Owners Corporation Management service provided by APM is focused on being responsible for the finance and administration of the owners corporation of a building.  The responsibility is to maintain buildings and common areas within the owners corporation.

Our Owners Corporation Managers:

  • Conduct meetings;
  • Collect levies;
  • Arrange property maintenance;
  • Advise on asset management;
  • Ensure the building has the appropriate strata insurance;
  • Keep all records of the financial accounts;
  • Prepare and distribute notices, agendas and minutes of meetings;
  • Attend to all correspondence;
  • Arrange for quotations and repairs for the maintenance of the building;
  • Maintain the owners corporation roll;
  • Maintain all the required registers as per legislation;
  • Arrange for the payment of all invoices;
  • Prepare and distribute the financial statements and budget;
  • Prepare and distribute contribution notices;
  • Attend to orders, submissions and appeals;
  • Attend to the production of the Owners Corporation Certificate as required under section 151 of the Owners Corporation Act (2006) to be included in the Contract of Sale (Section 32) Vendor’s Statement.

APM provides our clients with:

Management services

Professional and friendly, the administration services provided to the owners corporation support lot owners and the Committee with expert information, practical advice and a common sense approach to ensure a smooth and effective operation in the maintenance of the building.

APM Owners Corporation Management is involved in Multiple Owners Corporation, Residential Owners Corporation, Commercial and Retail Owners Corporation and High Rise Developments.

Financial Services

All accounts are entered into the system and are coded accordingly, invoices are checked prior payments being made.  There is a higher level of governance involved for prescribed owner’s corporation and given that this is the area APM is involved in, the level of financial transparency and accuracy in all of the accounts is of utmost importance.

The financial reports for each owner’s corporation are provided in an uncomplicated format so that it is easy for all members to understand.

Debt Recovery

We have incorporated a sophisticated debt recovery procedure in order to facilitate a quick and easy means for the owner’s corporation to recover debt from lot owners who fail to pay their levies on time.


We understand the importance in rectifying maintenance issues in a timely manner.  We have an experienced Facilities Manager and a Building Manager who co-ordinate all maintenance issues with contractors and suppliers.  We also provide a 24/7 number for residents in case of an emergency.

We note that all contractors will meet the risk management criteria deemed necessary to carry out the necessary work and hold licences or certificates and undertake compliance with Work Cover, Essential Services and OH&S requirements in the areas in which they operate.

Manager’s Report

As per section 124 of the Owners Corporation Act 2006, a fully comprehensive Manager’s Report is provided for each owner’s corporation for the Annual General Meeting.  It is circulated to all members with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting and will provide members with details of the main manager’s activities during the owner’s corporation financial year.


We are accredited with Whitbread Insurance Brokers and our staff are authorised representatives who can initiate the insurance process, present quotations, arrange strata insurance renewals and process insurance claims on behalf of the insurance brokers for the owners corporation.